Both residential and outpatient treatment options are offered by The Bridge in response to each client’s individual needs. Treatment plans address a range of substance abuse and mental health issues. Tested and trusted treatment methods help clients maintain sobriety, and family support helps families encourage clients in treatment and find community resources.

Residential Treatment

Clients stay at The Bridge from 30 days to 10 months in this structured program. They address issues that led to addiction, cope with personal trauma, learn life skills, and address medical needs.    When graduating, clients have a plan and ongoing care choices. Residential treatment programs are for men 19 and older.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services allow clients to maintain community roles while participating in treatment. Treatment may be one-on-one and/or in a group setting. The Bridge staff work with other community programs to implement individual recovery plans. Outpatient Services are for both men and women 19 and older.

Respite Care

Respite Care is available for people who have a plan to attend treatment and are waiting for an opening or need a break from their current treatment program. Respite clients stay up to 7 days and work on specific issues during their stay. Respite care is for men and women 19 and older.