Areas of Need

When you make a gift to The Bridge Behavioral Health, it helps with a variety of needs. Below is a list of the main areas of need, and examples of what your dollar buys for each. Gifts of any amount make a difference!

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  • $10 provides a treatment workbook for a client who has experienced trauma
  • $25 partially underwrites a Family Education Workshop
  • $50 supports a counseling session with a client and family members
  • $75 supports recovery support for graduated clients
  • $100 provides a treatment plan and medical consultation
  • $250 helps underwrite outpatient counseling
  • $500 provides one day’s medically-supervised withdrawal
  • $1,000 pays for outpatient counseling for a client

There are many items we can use on a daily basis to help meet our mission. Items like personal care items, cleaning supplies and art materials are helpful. Download our complete Needs List.