Be A Community Guide

The Community Guides program was created as a way to provide more in depth education to professionals working in the field, family members of people facing addiction, leaders in our community and Lincolnites working together for a better community.

The Community Guides program started in 2009, and to date numbers over 200 graduates.

WHEN: The Community Guide Program is held twice a year in the spring and fall.

COST: The series is  free and open to the public.

TIME COMMITMENT: Participants are expected to attend the kickoff/closing sessions and read the weekly email series that depicts our service areas in greater detail. Emails take approximately 8-10 minutes to read. Each email has optional activities and shareable content to help further your knowledge of the subject and spread the word about the importance of our work.   

Week 1: Kickoff + Tour (7:45-9:00 am) Civil Protective Custody Email
Week 2: Medical Withdrawal Services Email
Week 3: Short-Term Residential Care Email
Week 4: Extended Residential Care Email
Week 5: Short-Term Respite Email
Week 6: Passage Respite Email
Week 7: Outpatient Services Email
Week 8: Outreach Email
Week 9: Community Impact Email
Week 10: How Do We Make Lincoln Even Better? A Collaborative Brainstorming Session & Lunch (11:30am-1:00pm)


If you would like more information or to sign up to become a Community Guide, email us the following information.

First and Last Name:
Session you are interesting in attending: